It’s almost time…

Hello everyone! Louiie here. I’ve just uploaded the first two episodes of our brand new podcast, 2 SHARP CHEFS & A MICROPHONE, and am awaiting approval from podcast directories. Not to worry, we are on track for our scheduled release tomorrow.

Here’s a fun fact: It took Lorraine and I about 4 years to collaborate on this project. We’ve always talked about merging our worlds of food and media, and we never found an earlier opportunity to do so for various reasons. When we decided to dive head first into this podcast, it could have not come at a more inconvenient time. Yes, you heard me right… Lorraine had to undergo surgery for her injured shoulder, and I am in the middle of growing my business as well as working for Eater Las Vegas. Although the circumstances weren’t ideal, we still decided to push through with our efforts. The show must go on, and service will begin as scheduled.

As an artist, it’s exciting to create a “new baby” and launch it to the wide open world. Along with that comes a little bit of nervousness and a never ending list of “what if’s?” Perfection was our standard until we both realized that it prevented us from actually accomplishing anything. So here we are… raw and unedited, bringing together some really great people in the world of hospitality and food with one goal in mind: to bring the food community together, one brilliant conversation at a time. We hope that those who lend us an ear will find laughter, joy, comfort, and perhaps inspiration because, we are all connected through FOOD.

So before I end this post and before we go on air, I’d like to roll some credits – to acknowledge my community for making this project happen. To all my mentors, editors, and creative colleagues who have provided much encouragement as I wade into this “new territory” of food journalism, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much love goes out to my friends and family who have propped me up when I was literally falling apart due to my overbearing schedule… Thank you. A special shout out goes to Neon Town Productions for providing us with an amazing intro song and for engineering our audio content; as well as to 3 Inspired Eyes Media for our visual assets.

Lorraine, you powered through the pain of an injured shoulder so we can get the first leg of this podcast in the can. You are a rockstar. Kick your feet up and enjoy the ride.

Lastly, to all of you who are tuning in tomorrow and giving us a curious listen, thank you so much. We are excited to provide you an in depth look into our amazing, exciting and challenging world behind the line. We’d love to hear from you and grow with you as we embark on this journey of ours. We are literally starting with an audience of none, so we hope you’ll connect and grow with us too.

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